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Service 4.0

Let’s discuss Service 4.0 and impeccable delivery. Let’s talk about how to differentiate your service from your competition’s.

Let’s talk about how your customers are happy, and their loyalty is Alive & Well!

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Alive & Well! Impeccable Offer, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Customer Focus, the key for customer loyalty.

‘Loyalty is dead’ is one of the biggest excuses in our day. Customer loyalty is alive and well. You just have to work on three strategies to earn it and keep it. Get Lalo Duron to help your organization, as a speaker, as a mentor, as a coach, make sure you implement the three strategies and begin retaining your customers because they love doing business with you, because they love what they get from you, because they don’t want to go anywhere else.

Check out my latest book Alive & Well!: The simplicity behind getting your customers’ loyalty… and keeping it.

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This is me.

As an engineer I believe there’s always a way to innovate and make things differently: cheaper, better, prettier, faster, friendlier… As a marketer, I believe marketing’s number one job is to grow companies’ value, via new markets, new offerings, new channels, new promotion means, new value propositions. I love to think and make others think. I challenge people and organizations to give the best of them. Yet, I am my family’s #1 fan. I love them, work for them, give them my life. I am proud of my professional experience. As a mexican, multicultural executive, I’ve done things, seen things, created things, for companies to help them thrive.
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como consejeros ¿disrumpir o disentir?

por lalo duron, phd. ¿quieres ser un consejero disruptivo? con eso de que disrupción y disruptivo son dos palabras tan en boga, mi recomendación es un tajante no; te digo por qué. disrupción se ha vuelto una palabra cotidiana y casi obligatoria en nuestro vocabulario.   todos buscan “ser disruptivos”, porque quieren cambiar la industria, lanzar un producto distinto a …


Kavak, Uber, Spotify y WeWork son unicornios, y todas tienen fallas graves de administración. ¿Qué está mal en el mundo del emprendimiento? por Lalo Duron, PhD Con lo que ha pasado con Kavak, no pueden perderse WeCrashed, la crónica de un visionario sin límites quien enamoró a bancos e inversionistas con su idea, recibió carretadas de …

Do you want to have happy employees and satisfied customers? Embrace Service 4.0

by Lalo Duron, PhD. I’ve learned how crucially important it is to put hospitality to work, first for the people who work for me and subsequently for all the other: our guests, our community, suppliers, and investors. – Danny Mayer.  Setting the Table. I read Setting the Table, the book by Danny Meyer, founder of …

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